Lucas Guilkey | Documentary Filmmaker and Video Journalist

2017 documentary and video journalism reel – shot, edited, and produced by Lucas Guilkey.

A 5000-word, multimedia deep dive on homelessness in Oakland, California and city officials' and advocates' ideas on what to do about it (Oakland North).

A video profile on John Jones III, a formerly incarcerated activist organizing to reform the criminal justice system (Fusion Media Network).

A video profile on Omar Ramirez, an undocumented soccer coach in danger of losing DACA status (Splinter).

A video on the Movement for Black Lives protesting to "Reclaim MLK" on Martin Luther King Jr Day in Oakland, California (with Julia Muldavin for AJ+).

A short video on an organization's efforts to make the legal cannabis industry accessible to black and brown entrepreneurs (The Hood Incubator).

A short video on a community movement to stop a stadium development coming to to heads with pro-stadium forces (Oakland North).

All content produced, written, directed, shot, & edited by Lucas Guilkey, unless otherwise specified.

©Lucas Guilkey

Lucas Guilkey | Filmmaker & Journalist