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FEATURE: Advocates push Oakland officials to treat homelessness as an emergency

December 14, 2017


Community members and city officials struggle to confront the the epidemic of hundreds of Oakland residents--most of them black, many of them elders--sleeping on the...

Oakland police chief faces council over details of August immigration raid

November 29, 2017


Chief Anne Kirkpatrick responded publicly to allegations that she potentially violated the sanctuary city policy during the raid that led to the arrest of Santos...

City workers strike, others rally outside Mayor Schaaf’s State of the City address

November 3, 2017


On Thursday, city workers went on strike at the same time as the mayor's annual "State of the City" address and held a "Real State...

FEATURE: Nearly one third of Glenn Dyer prisoners wrap up hunger strike

October 27, 2017


Last week, over 30 percent of the prisoners at the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility in downtown Oakland participated in a hunger strike to protest what...

Protesters rally in Oakland to demand aid for Puerto Rico

October 5, 2017


On Wednesday, Bay Area residents rallied in Oakland to demand immediate relief for Puerto Ricans following Hurricane Maria.

Renewable energy, cannabis industries lead the charge for an Oakland public bank


September 26, 2017


Public banks offer more affordable financing to community-driven development, such as solar and wind infrastructure, small businesses and affordable housing.

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